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In Search Of Mary - Two Sinners On A Mission

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In Search Of Mary

This documentary follows two best friend's journey to explore the phenomenon of visionary apparitions of the Virgin Mary appearing to people around the world.

This documentary project began when two childhood best friends, Emmy award winning Director John Biffar and Dr. David Ferraro learned about the remarkable series of events happening in Medugorje, Bosnia: amazing appearances of the Virgin Mary, spontaneous healings, secret messages, and millions of people flocking to the site. So they set out on a mission to document similar reports of these mysterious apparitions appearing to individuals around the world and to get the real stories from those directly involved.

What started as a journey of personal discovery, turned into a 7 year, 6 continent endeavor that neither John nor David could ever have imagined. A remarkable series of encounters along the way can only be described as beyond coincidence and more accurately as “God Incidents”. It's not only the accounts of amazing apparitions or the secret messages and miracles, but the first-hand stories of unimaginable struggle, love, faith and forgiveness.

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