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Orphanage ColombiaThe Orphanage of Colombia

The film director John Biffar travels into Colombia to share the story of a family who extended their hearts towards caring for the abandoned and abused children of Colombia.

PeaceVision TV Causes

At PeaceVision TV we care about the people and the passion for these charities. More importantly those individuals who are willing to make the sacrifice towards bringing about peace onto this planet.  Your subscription to PeaceVision TV goes towards more productions like the one you are about to watch.  Each product sold through the web site will go towards these charities to continue the support of their efforts. 

Please watch this film on PeaceVision TV and share it with the masses. Together we can shift the awareness and consciousness on this planet. 


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PeaceVision TV is an alternative media network to the mass media. Featuring investigative reporting, documentaries, art, music, inspirational and motivational people and their stories. We are the storytellers of peace. Together with our viewers and subscibers we offer a shift in the overall consciousness awareness of peace on earth.

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