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The father of this family of film makers is John Biffar a nine time Emmy award winning documentary film maker and television news reporter. He and his three sons Sean, Scott and David give "Spiritual Safari" a compelling modern day twist to the classic television series "My Three Sons" , 

In Rwanda they film lmmacule llibagaza, who managed to survive the tribal holo­caust of 1994 but lost her entire family. Our crew is there when she forgives the man who murdered them.
After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the cameras are rolling when Dr. Barth.

Green leads a team of volunteer physi­cians from around the world as they set up a mash medical unit.
As the surf rolls in on a California coast­line our underwater cameras are captur­ing shots of surfer Tom Hampton, who was paralyzed in a paraglider accident, but refuses to let that get in the way of him catching the perfect wave.

Twenty five years after John first focused his camera on Kari Engen, Spiritual Safari returns to the dumps of Guatemala city. This time to update the documentary about the American woman who started a school for children who call the city dump home.

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